Conflict-Free Investment Advice for Your 401k

Proactive, conflict-free management of your 401k.

3 Step Retirement Success Consultation

We have conducted 1000's of consultations and learned a lot about what investors want and need.
1. People are sick of jargon.
2. People want answers they understand.
Our Retirement Success consultation does just that in 3 easy steps.

Portfolio Risk Analysis

The first step is see if your 401k/403b account is in line with your investment preferences. We do this by guiding you through a brief investor questionnaire, then compare it with how you are currently invested. 

Saving Enough?

Our BeOnTrack report projects your future 'retirement salary' and serves as a tool to answer the following:
Increase your savings? Pay off your mortgage? Roth? Pre-tax? Both?
How can you improve your retirement picture?

You Decide

If you want personalized advice, free of conflicts of interest and specific to you as an individual, we can help. Enrolling in our service takes just minutes and your account can get on track for success.

Choose What's Right For You: Management or Advice

Professional Portfolio Management

If you would prefer to delegate the day-to-day responsibility of managing you account(s), BeManaged could be right for you. Proactive adjustments are made on your behalf based on market conditions, specific to your desired level of risk. BeManaged allows investors to focus on saving for their future, we will manage the investment portion for you.

Advice Only

Prefer to do it yourself but want a professional second opinion? BeAdvised is your best option. We send you 3-5 recommendations per year; you control whether to implement the changes.

Not to mention...

No Conflicts of Interest

Being fee-only allows us to be 100% unbiased and conflict-free. We do not sell anything but advice. No investment or insurance products. No commissions.

Savings/Retirement Advice

Throughout our service to you, we continually coach you through how best to save and prepare for your retirement. Should you increase your 401k/403b contributions or pay off your mortgage? Roth? Pre-Tax? Both? Max out your contributions? We can help.

Proactive Updates

We provide 4-6 updates per year to keep you informed on your portfolio's status. We help you understand 1) what is happening in the market(s), 2) how we have adjusted your portfolio and 3) our outlook on the markets going forward. No more trying to figure out what the 'talking heads' mean and how it affects you. Just straight-forward, personalized updates.

Result: Peace of Mind for Your Retirement

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Still Have Questions?

Is it right for me?

It is likely a good fit if you...

  • Do not have the understanding or desire to manage your account yourself
  • No longer feel comfortable making changes due to the size of your portfolio 
  • Watch the news and market and fear for your portfolio but are too apprehensive and unsure to do anything
  • Do not know or cannot find your retirement plan login information for your plan’s website
  • Have good intentions to review and research your account, but life gets in the way, you just do not have the time
  • Cannot remember the last time you rebalanced your portfolio
  • Are invested 100% in the Money Market or Stable Value fund
  • Invested in multiple target date funds (aka Freedom, Target Retirement…with a year behind it)
  • Consistently chase the “hot fund(s)”


What kind of accounts do you manage?

Employer Accounts - 401k, 403b, 457b

Individual - IRAs (rollover, Roth and traditional) and brokerage accounts

We do not manage 529 accounts.

All accounts in your name are included, cumulatively, for the fee we charge. 

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time; a phone call or email will suffice. There are no cancellation penalties.

How is my account charged?

If we have a relationship with your employer: Your fee is charged through your employer retirement plan account balance.

If not: Your fee is charged through your IRA or credit card, dependent on your personal situation and options available.

Can I speak to someone when I have questions?

You can call during normal business hours or email anytime. There is no limit to how often you can consult with us about your account(s) or retirement. Additionally, you can schedule a consultation via the scheduling button as often as you like throughout the year (virtually or face-to-face, depending on our onsite schedule/availability with your company).

Can I adjust my risk/investment profile in the future?

Yes. You can click visit the 'Review Risk Level' above to re-answer a risk questionnaire to determine if your risk tolerance has changed. Additionally, if you would prefer guidance, give us a call or schedule a consultation. It does not take long, but we can coach you through the process to help ensure you do not make an emotional decision that is not in your best interest.

Can you help me understand whether I am on track for retirement?

At anytime we can review your retirement picture to help you understand how to improve it. You can request an updated BeOnTrack report, call or schedule a consultation to discuss your situation and questions. Should you be using the Roth? Increase your contribution or pay down your mortgage? We can help.

What if I already work with an advisor?

That's not a problem. While advisors can efficiently manage IRAs and brokerage accounts, company retirement plans (401k, 403b, 457b) are difficult for them. For the vast majority of advisors, you need to be sitting with them to receive advice. Therefore, many people choose to use our service for their company retirement plan so that advice is implemented proactively, not just when they have time to meet with their advisor. 

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